Many people realize that Newsam construction is Montreal’s premier provider of renovation and contracting services but few realize that we are also employ many of Montreal’s best painters.

We specialize in modern design and full interior or exterior paint jobs but we will also extend our professional painting services to include one-room job or the painting of your new baby room. As we say elsewhere on our site, “If you just need something as simple as your garage door painted, we’ll be happy to help.”

If you’ve been thinking about sprucing up your home or office with a fresh coat of paint, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

In the meantime, we thought that this short video would help inspire your next painting project.

Prefer to read? Here is the transcript of the video:

Hi. I’m Lorna Campodonico, faux painter and decorative artist. And we are going to do glazing painted techniques. Now what you need for that is a bucket, a screen, a roller with a thin roller and your glazing liquid. Now the technique I’m going to do is a color wash.

Its as if there’s a thin transparency over the base coated wall. We’re doing the same base coated wall today and I’ll show you. Its just using white. You can use any color under a glaze and that color will come out through the glaze because this is basically now paint that has been thinned out with an extender which is the glaze and water.

So its much thinner so whatever you have painted on the wall can also come through as if its two dimensional. Now first you put the glaze on and then you take, these brushes are called duster brushes which are great, but we’re going to use one with the handle this morning and see how well that goes. And you want to move the paint around. If you get a piece of lint or something on it just brush it off.

And you’re just taking that paint so you don’t see the roller marks. And move it around very softly. And you can see how you’re starting to see the white coming through and then what you really want do with this is you want to work it so you see no paint brush marks or tool marks as they call it. So you’re just kind of as you keep working this the tool marks or the paint brush marks will disappear.

And you have really pretty paint finish that people can’t quite figure out. They know its not straight paint, paint out of a can. There you go and the further it dries the more the paint marks will disappear. And that is how to glaze a wall. I’m Lorna Campodonna.