Our Billed Hours are 100% Accurate

Posted on February 27th, 2013

Some clients are concerned about being over-billed for hours worked by the contractors they hire – especially when they are not personally on the property when the workers are there.

At the same time, contractors like Newsam are also concerned that they’re not accurately tracking their staff and sub-contractors’ hours. We do not want to over-charge (or over-pay) anyone.

The fact is that in the past, tracking hours was cumbersome and not always 100% accurate but not anymore.

All Newsam Staff Now Use the Exactime System

Exactime is a GPS tracking device that is installed on all of our our employee’s iPhones. Here are some of the things it does:

  • if the worker is too far away from the job site, it alerts Human Resources/Accounting (they can still clock in and out, but we can see how far away from the job site they are clocking in from);
  • the worker can only clock in & out with his/her unique PIN, eliminating the possibility of buddy punching;
  • travel time, store time & lunch hours are tabulated separately and clients are charged if applicable
  • time stamps are automatic and frees up administration’s time to better serve our clients;
  • automation saves workers’ time in manually logging or calling in their hours

With this investment in technology, we are now much more accurate in our reporting and our billing.  As our client you can rest assured that this investment will mean more accurate invoices and lower overall costs brought on by an improvement in efficiency.

For more information about the Exactime system please contact us or visit Exactime.com.